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RAYZER Extraljus

Make your night driving safer - buy a Rayzer!

When you can see more of the road, you can avoid more of its dangers. Having extra reaction time can make all the difference for the safety of you and your passengers.

Rayzer utilizes the latest HID Xenon technology and an innovative mounting above the drivers line of vision - to give you the best performance and wider illumination of the road.

Enhance your night-time driving experience. 

Less than 30% of driving is done at night. Yet it accounts for over 60% of traffic fatalities. Think about this. When you drive at night, your risk increases almost 70%. But, you can put the odds back in your favor.

“I feel more confident driving at night after having installed Rayzer in my car. The road lights up like it’s the middle of the day.”
 - John Reisky, Malmö, Sweden.

See 300% better at night. 

Now for the first time in the US, you can enjoy a safe night-time driving experience – just like countless Swedish drivers. The Rayzer wide beam driving light helps you see 300% better, compared to conventional high beams. It restores the peripheral vision you lose  when the sun goes down.

“I regularly drive cross-country - about 500 kilometers each week, and the Rayzer light is a real blessing. I can see more of the road and it puts my mind at ease. Especially since I’m not getting any younger at 56.”
 - Aron Hedendahl, Stockholm, Sweden.

Reduce night-time driving risks with better visual input.

The Society of Automotive Engineers researched this and concluded that traditional headlamps ”cannot be designed to produce sufficient illumination to overcome the driver’s reduced visual capabilities.” That’s why a non-traditional approach is required to make the road a safer place at night. Rayzer does this by both enhancing the spectrum of light provided for the driver and widening the angle of illumination to include more of the periphery, where collision threats such as animals, cars or pedestrians often originate.

“What a fantastic innovation and why didn’t someone think of this before. 
I can’t think of driving at night  anymore without
 the Rayzer wide beam.”
 - Lotta Lundgren, Gothenberg, Sweden.

Revitalize your night driving experience.
Rayzer makes driving at night safer. When you can see more of the road, you can avoid more of its dangers. Thousands of accidents occur every night because people are unable to see fallen trees, bends or animals that appear unexpectedly from the side of the road.

“Back in 1992, I once drove into a fallen tree on an inner road near my village. Since then, I have always been nervous every time I ‘ve gotten behind the wheel at night. Not any more though. This is just what I was waiting for. Phew!”
 - Lars Richardsson, Lyckelse, Sweden.

Rayzer wide beams are better than high beams.

With wider illumination and a more comfortable light spectrum, Rayzer also helps your eyes stay fresh. Straining one's eyes has both a physical and mental effect that fatigues a driver. And since it is already late in the day, the effect multiplies and inhibits reaction time.

“I no longer have to peer at the road through my windshield. I can lean back and relax, especially on long drives into the country.”
 - Ida Rosendahl, Sundsvall, Sweden.


Rayzer product reviews:


A Swede has now discovered a new generation of driving lights, which sit free of dirt and damage inside the car...SvD has conducted a first test, on another dark night, and can only give it thumbs up … Rayzer also functions wonderfully in illuminating far into the forest to give you an early warning of elk and other traffic dangers.

- SvD

One does get a substantially wider field of light with Rayzer, especially when the light is adjusted out to the sides, which one can easily do from inside the vehicle with the controls on the unit. And it is, of course, much easier to adjust the light from inside the car with your thumb than to jump out of the car with your tools to loosen, adjust, and tighten lights on the front of your car.
- Bilägare (Car Owner)

The difference is spectacular when compared to regular high-beams.
- Gizmodo

We have been out on a test drive with Rayzer in the Norwegian countryside and are impressed with its performance … it creates a previously unknown visibility experience. The soft light beam reduces starkly contrasting shadows and creates a comfortably illuminated area in front of the driver.
- Bilmagasinet (The Car Magazine)

The main idea behind the Swedish lighting system is not to make the light shine as far as possible, but rather to make it comfortable and wide, it should strike one as a wall of light … After having tested Rayzer on the road at night outside Oslo, we agree that Svelander and the others speak true about most of the system’s benefits … the short test of the system we conducted left us in any case impressed.
- Bil (Car)



November 18, 2008

Rayzer RS named SEMA Global Media Award Winner
Judged by international journalists from 25 countries, the award recognizes new products that have the highest potential for commercial success.
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November 04, 2008
Visualeyes U.S. unveils Rayzer RS at Sema

Unique Wide Beam Driving Light Helps Drivers of High Performance Cars Improve Nighttime.
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